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The WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) is a competency-based certification programme. It provides course participants with the essential skills to deliver training and assessments across different industries.

ACTA is relevant to those who conduct training and assessment within, and outside the WSQ framework.


Who will benefit from the programme?

  • Anyone who wishes to deliver a WSQ programme
  • Anyone who wants to perform effectively as a trainer or facilitator
  • Anyone who needs to conduct competency-based assessment.

Features of ACTA 5th Version

ACTA (5th Version) emphasises knowledge acquisition through reflective practice and active learning through skills practice. The course is delivered as an integrated curriculum (cohort intake). This means that learners will benefit from gaining peer support in their learning from the same group of classmates throughout the course.


How does the launch of revamped ACTA (5th Version) affect you?

+  Are you an in-house trainer?
  • If you are an in-house trainer with courseware developer responsibilities, you are advised to further your learning by taking 2 development modules (Develop Curriculum and Instruction for Adult Learning Programme + Develop and Review Competency-based Assessment) from the Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) upon completion of ACTA (5th Version).
+  Do you have ACTA (4th Version) SOAs in CU1, 2, 4A/B and 6?
  • If you have obtained Statements of Attainments for all of the following modules in ACTA (4th Version):
  • • CU1 – Interpret the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification Framework

    • CU2 – Apply Adult Learning Principles and Code of Ethics Relating to Training

    • CU4A – Prepare and Facilitate Classroom Training; or

      CU4B – Prepare and Conduct an On-The-Job Training Programme

    • CU6 – Conduct a Competency-based Assessment


    and are looking to complete your ACTA certification, please click on Credit Exemptions for more information.

+  Are you a current holder of the ACTA (4th Version) qualification?
  • You have already met the WSQ Adult Education qualifications requirements. However, you are encouraged to keep updated with the latest developments in the Training and Adult Education field.